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Falkner Farms, located seven miles south of Oxford, Mississippi was established in 2013.  The farm is family owned and operated and is home to grass-fed beef and pasture- raised chickens.  Our beef is raised on 100 acres without any growth hormones or antibiotics.  The cattle are rotated between pastures to ensure they are provided with fresh, lush grasses.  This method aids in providing our customers a naturally lean, flavorful and tender cut of beef.  The farm also includes free range chickens, who spend their days outside on healthy green pastures.  Our chickens are housed in a custom built mobile coop, rotated weekly so they continuously have fresh and nutritious grass in their diet.  We raise our chickens without any growth hormones, antibiotics or medicated feed.  Our farm fresh eggs are gathered, washed and packed daily.  Feel free to contact us at anytime or stop by the farm.  We hope you enjoy and continue to support your local farmer!

Falkner Farms

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Grass Fed Beef

Our breed of grass-fed beef is Black Angus with a mix of Brangus.  Our cattle are grazed and rotated on lush pastures until they reach optimal weight, never confined to a feed lot.  Our grass-fed beef offers a multitude of health benefits including: higher in healthy Omega-3 acids, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Vitamins A, B and E, naturally leaner meat with less saturated fat, calories and bad cholesterol.

The processing facility we have chosen is a certified MDAC inspected facility committed to producing top quality, great tasting beef through our dry-aging process.  Our beef is vacuum sealed at the facility to ensure freshness for our customers.

Free Range Eggs

Our free range chickens consist of three breeds.  Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington and Plymouth Barred Rock. Free range chicken eggs are packed full of health benefits that aren't offered from factory hens along with more Omega-3's, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, and less bad cholesterol. Our eggs are not only nutritious, but also great tasting.  


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